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Dagmara Żurańska

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Massage lifts your spirits, balances the nervous system and greatly relaxes the body. It reduces pain and muscle tension, nourishes and improves tissue. I offer rehabilitation treatment which speeds up recovery after injuries (sprain, fracture).

I recommend treatment which diminishes spine ailments and faulty posture, such as scoliosis. Massage, manual therapy and neuromobilization may reduce ailments such as dysciopathy, sciatica, migraine and rheumatic disorders. Massage can be applied at all ages, therapeutically, prophylactically, or for the joy of it.

With all certainty I can say that what I do is both passion and a calling.
Welcome, Dagmara Żurańska

gabinet masażu Warszawa

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Our place is where you become the sun and everything else revolves around you. We do everything we can to make your session a soothing and revitalizing experience.

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Our Way For Your Energy

I invite you to try my assortment of massage, therapy and rejuvenation. My specialties are therapeutic massage, visceral, manual, fascial therapy and neuromobilising of face, skull, neck and shoulder girdle.

My offer includes classic therapeutic massage, Old Slavic Stomach Massage known as Visceral Therapy, as well as hot stone massage.  I also perform face and neckline massage with neuromobilising and reflexology. These treatments are both therapeutic and relaxing. I work with natural oils exclusively, which greatly improves skin condition, provides a great deal of energy to the organism and restores vitality to the body.  

gabinet masażu Warszawa

Therapeutic massage

gabinet masażu Warszawa

Visceral therapy

gabinet masażu Warszawa


gabinet masażu Warszawa

Fascial and manual therapy

Tattoo and permanent make-up removal

No scars, no complications

Pańska 5 studio is a place where you can have your tattoo removed safely, without scars, skin damage, complications, long healing and without the need for long convalescence or limitations in daily routines.

Come by for a free consultation.

I offer q-switch laser treatment, which is designer for tattoo removal. Safety and comfort of my visitors is my priority.


Our natural cosmeceuticals are the formula of the future, the most efficient ally in the healing process..

A successful alternative to scalpel, a smart, holistic investment in health and beauty. A panacea for limp, wrinkled and not firm skin, brittle fingernails and bones, matte hair, weak joints and tendons, excruciating pain and recurring inflammation.

Beneficial effects of Biopeptide Complex mean to us:


more colagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid with benefits for skin and body parts, such as bones, joints, gristles, hair, nails and many others,


halting the activity of aging enzymes


stopping interleukin release – the cause of long-lasting inflammation

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gabinet masażu Warszawa


  • Weekdays: 11-19
  • Saturdays: 12-15

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You can make reservation under following phone number 500 782 015

The most popular treatments:

  • 3x healing massage (40minutes) – 250 PLN/batch
  • ear candling (45minutes) – 40PLN
  • face and neckline massage with neuromobilising and reflexology (30minutes) – 60PLN
  • permanent brow make-up removal (15minutes) – 180PLN